A Little Bit About Me and My Rot

The Rot is insidious. But one day, like a man splashing water in his face in front of the mirror just as the weight of the crisis hits, you realize it. And then you see it everywhere: the bums who buzz for change around any busy intersection; an hour-long wait in a line in which the dozens of defeated patrons gazed at a silent TV portraying koala bears birthing; the careening taxi who blares his horn instead of applying the breaks, resulting in a completely avoidable traffic accident; knowing that even though you ordered the garlic butter sea bass, you will most likely receive a breaded version, and you will eat it without complaint. It’s not that daily vignettes of incomprehensible actions are something new; you’ve seen it for years. The Rot is set in once the madness doesn’t seem strange any more.  

Six months. If you left your house to nature for half a year, the jungle would wrap its mossy fingers around it, making entry without a machete impossible. Nature’s incredible transformative powers are amplified the closer you get to the equator. A simple fern becomes a huge piece of dinosaur salad. A tree falls, and quickly decays into mulch, from which spring instant jungle. Vacant lots become tangles of vines draped over long-rooted trees, dripping with bright violet and yellow flowers, almost overnight. Leather becomes a mass of mold spores at about the rate milk spoils. And one’s sense of what is known and right and how things are done warps. Because life deteriorates as quickly as it proliferates in the tropics.

Now imagine seven years at nine degrees north latitude. 


4 Responses to “A Little Bit About Me and My Rot”

  1. JZdu Says:

    The Rot is reality, while the Fear and the Sickness are attributable to semi-delusion and a collapsed psyche? to each their own, etc.

  2. poetloverrebelspy Says:

    Glad you’re back. We were beginning to worry!

  3. suckafish Says:

    The Rot is a byproduct of laziness and lack of attention. Imagine that bum defeated for a day by both the man in the mirror dreading the coming of “the crisis” and the impatient taxi driver unnecessarily blowing his horn of false power. He cleans off his one possession that gives him freedom and comfort and slides them on. With his mold free shoes, he walks through shiny coffee fields and along rives stopping at orange and banana trees along the way. Eating. Fighting off The Rot.

    The Rot is a lesson in simplicity. Keep a little and keep it clean. An abundance of fortune breeds an abundance of rot. The man in the mirror, both the victim and creator of “the crisis”, is learning that right now. Imagine 7 yrs. in the tropics where life proliferates and deteriorates. A little attention, understanding and rot control becomes a nice humble home beside e a bubbling river, an abundance of vibrant nature, and creation of the best magazine in Central America.

  4. editcostarica Says:

    Suckafish, you’ve hit it on the head. Who would have thought that fighting The Rot would lead to a magazine?

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