Rain, Rain, Go Away

The open-valve pissing that has buried houses, destroyed roads and flooded crops is about to end here in the Central Valley, according to this article from Costa Rica’s National Meteorological Institute. This means that, during the next three to four weeks, weather will transition from the balls-out deluge, the pounding tempests that have filled my home with mold, mud and indolence. 

Such joy brings the thought of six monthos of blue-skied dry-season glory that I can already imagine my Levi’s proudly flapping themselves dry in the mountain breeze. Still, the consequences of the current rainy season, which has been one of the worst on record, will endure. Because of improper drainage, roads are pockmarked with axel-snapping potholes, and even simple drives have become games of chicken as speeding vehicles try to avoid gaping craters as they hurtle towards each other. Road repair takes a while here, and I suspect the roads here will be in acceptable shape by April, just in time to be washed away during the next rainy season.

That doesn’t matter, however. With the impending sunshine, one will be able to go outside without the constant threat of a drenching. Umbrellas, once useless against the heavenly flush, will become irrelevant. I’ll be able to drive without using a dirty t-shirt to wipe the fog off my windshield. The sun will shine. Birds will chirp. All will be right with the world.


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