Cops and Taxi Drivers

An article published in the San Jose daily La Nacion chronicles an altercation between some hoods, taxi drivers and the police in my hometown of Heredia. Apparently, a car full of dudes robbed a taxi driver, who alerted via radio his fellow cabbies. The police actually stopped the suspects’ car, which is a surprise, and then the fun began:

Five subjects got out of the car, the police officer said, but at that moment a taxi arrived with two people, one of which tried to start a brawl because one of the individuals had thrown a stone at him.

When he realized that the taxi drivers had called their colleagues on the radio, the city police officer told the suspects to leave the area, to avoid trouble.

Folled by the taxi, the suspects drove around the block in their car. However, when they ran a stop sign, they crashed with another Heredia police car, which was doing a routine patrol.

The patrol car tipped over and the red car crashed into a corner house.

Then, dozens of taxi drivers arrived and the lynching began.

The Heredia police officer tried to avoid the beating, but he had to leave because the taxi drivers were hitting incessantly. Next to their car, two guys were mercilessly beaten as their faces stained with blood.

An 18-year-old subject was thrown into the street and attacked with multiple kicks to the head and the rest of his body.

A fourth suspect tried to stay in the car, but the taxi drivers climbed onto the hood and broke the windshield to pull him out.

Nowhere in this article, or others on the subject, does it mention police reinforcements coming in, any person taken into custody or other actual police work involved. These are the people in control of law and order in Costa Rica. Maybe they should give all the taxi drivers guns and badges instead.


4 Responses to “Cops and Taxi Drivers”

  1. lelandcedar Says:

    Another quality crime story from Costa Rica’s finest newspaper. It’s a low bar held firmly in place by La Extra. And rather than jump over, its become a game of limbo.

  2. editcostarica Says:

    La Extra is, after all, the most widely circulated newspaper in Costa Rica.

  3. lelandcedar Says:

    Can’t argue with success. Even after the cover photo of the dead children, I bet they didn’t feel a dent in sales.

    Hey, by the way, I got one of these weblog thingies on the internets too:

  4. Taxi Lublin Says:

    I am impressed by quality of informations. There are a lot of good resources here.

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