A University Dwelling

When you think of college towns and university districts, you probably conjure up images of stately old homes, tree-shaded streets and quaint shopping districts peppered with funky second-hand stores, independent restaurants and bookstores. This paradigm does not hold true for Costa Rica. In Heredia, the district around the Universidad Nacional is rife with flourecscntly lit copy shops (no copyright laws here), a smattering of fast food/greasy spoons, and a horrible buzzing throng of reckless drivers piloting rickety cars. At the entrance to the Universidad Nacional, next to Burger King, is my favorite house in the area. While all homes are surrounded by high cement fences topped with barbed wire, and have bars on the windows and doors, this apartment takes the concept of “house arrest” to a new level.

Sweet Digs

Sweet Digs

Every time I see this particular house, I imagine it full of criminals clutching the bars, banging their tin cups, desperately watching the masses below as they scurry with their napsacks to a class on philosophy or dentistry or industrial engineering. Maybe the architecture school could use this house as a project. Then again, maybe they designed it.


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