WTF? Tourism Mis-Descriptions

I was at an airstrip the other day and found a series of brochures produced by Nature Air, one of of Costa Rica’s two domestic airlines. After reading the care they gave to their advertising copy, I was a bit skeptical about boarding one of their puddle jumpers. Here’s what they have to say about:

1. Quepos. Quepos is a sleepy town, built in the thirties as a banana port. The town features colonial architecture and a great fish restaurants along a quiet seaside plaza.

The area is most famous for its fabulous sport fishing, white sandy beaches, and beautiful mountains outcroppings jutting into crystal clear waters of Manuel Antonio National Park.

The Park is a little gem of greenery with emerald coves and a tree lined shoulder reaching an island of serenity. It is home to White Face and Spider Monkeys, Sloth’s, Toucans and Iguanas.

Some of the best positioned hotels in Costa Rica are on the high outcropping of land offering panoramic views of ocean The subset dining is at it’s best in Quepos.

I have detected some errors. To wit: “…built in the thirties… features colonial architecture…” This is false by definition. There is nothing in town older than 70 years, at which time Costa Rica had already been an independent republic for 100 years. Also, there is no seaside plaza. I do agree that the subset dining is superb, however.

Here are some excerpts from their description of San Jose.

2. San Jose is best known for its theatre, performing arts and galleries. It is home to Teatro Nacional, Pre-Columbian Museum, Gold Museum , Jade Museum , Museum of Mational History , and Children’s Art Museum. Teatro Nacional is an exact replica of the opera house in Vienna, Austria and home to Costa Rica’s National Orchestra, Opera and a rich program of performances.

The city has a lively night life, clubs and an array of excellent cuisines to choose from. Dining choices go from Costa Rican tipico whole red snapper, Italian fresh pasta, French Brasserie, Peruvian cervices and Japanese sushi to Argentine beef houses.

I would like to point out one thing: Peruvian cervices. Now, I know that Peru is famous for its ceviche. But cervices is the plural of cervix. Cervices? Are those served on a bed of medical waste? And a nice glass of amniotic fluid?


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