A Great Sunday

I made the difficult choice of getting up before noon today, and thus rewarded myself with a trip to the farmers market. Every weekend in towns all across Costa Rica, local farmers set up tables under tarps to exhibit their wares. It’s always a beautiful affair, a smorgasbord of bright fruits and fresh vegetables. And it’s cheap. I went with just over $6, and I spent every last cent, but not before eating a delicious gallo pinto with eggs, fresh bread and pineapple juice; buying four lovely tomatoes; a head of broccoli; onions to hang on my wall; four sweet peppers; and some celery. Oh, and a large bag of strawberries.

With my last 400 colones, I bought the Sunday edition of La Nacion, and now I’m at home, where it’s 75 and sunny, about to do some gardening and lounging  before the big soccer game tonight: Heredia vs. La Liga. I don’t care who wins, as long as it’s not La Liga. Porque La Doce me cae mal.


One Response to “A Great Sunday”

  1. Carla Says:

    I love how you capture the moments; the visual imagery, the scene as a whole.

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